Meditation music

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Meditation Music

Selection of music from our musicians of different cultural backgrounds who have joined together to create world music to promote and enhance the meditation experience.  Enjoy a meditation while listening to their music… sit on a chair or floor, with shoes removed and the hands palm up on your lap. The vibrations from the music will enlighten and cleanse your Subtle system and chakras. Try it!

Instrumental - Santor, Sarod & Flute music
Instrumental Sarod by Ustad Amjad Khan
Instrumental Ragas for the Chakras
Instrumental by Shruti Saagar
Instrumental - Venudhar
Vocal - Music of Joy Album No1
Vocal - Music of Joy Album No2
Vocal - Music of Joy Album No3
Vocal - Music of Joy Album No5 (CD 1)
Vocal - Music of Joy Album No5 (CD 2)
Vocal & Instrumental - Sahaj Sangeet
Vocal - Oronya
Vocal - Ragas
Vocal - Surabhi/Fragrance
Vocal - Zephyr, Zephyr Album No 1
Vocal - Zephyr, Flame Album No 2