Introduction to our meditation

Thoughtless awareness, also known as mental silence, is the basis of good health and wellbeing. Sahaja Yoga meditation provides this experience.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the personal experience of going beyond one’s thoughts, worries and upsets, and being in a state of peace and calm.

In meditation, one is fully alert and aware but free of the unnecessary thoughts or worries that lead to many of life’s day to day stresses. This state of peace and calm occurs spontaneously when one learns how to focus on the experience of the present moment. Through a simple process, known as Self-Realisation (kundalini awakening) this meditation state can be quickly established, maintained and, most importantly, enjoyed!

Who can do meditation?

Everyone… no matter what your race, belief, gender, age or status you’ll find the meditation and associated simple techniques easy to practice.  The meditation is practised by hundreds of  thousands of people in Australia and around the world. Its popularity has grown steadily since it was founded in 1970, by Shri Mataji. There are many centres in Australia and around the world that have been established to offer the public an opportunity to experience this simple meditation.

What does it cost?

There is no charge for the teachings of Sahaja Yoga meditation. The basic philosophy is to provide the knowledge and experience of meditation to anyone who seeks it. However, expenses for venue hire, advertising and printing etc are met by voluntary contributions.

Who teaches the meditation?

The meditation is taught by our non-profit  community-focused group of meditation practitioners, some who have been practising this meditation technique for over 30 years.

Getting started.

Free weekly classes are held throughout Australia and around the world.

Try one of these meditations now … it’s easy!

Follow a guided meditation by Shri Mataji (founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation) to experience inner peace and silence. It takes only a few minutes and really works! You can sit on a chair or on the floor, with your shoes removed.

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(The ‘Silent Meditation’ option is handy if you have a slow internet connection or your access to videos and audios is blocked)