How to meditate at home

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Meditating at Home

Peace and calm of meditation

Meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness, where the everyday activity of the mind ceases yet one remains peaceful and calm within. Thoughts are generally about the past or the future – but in true meditation you gradually have the realisation of being purely in the present, without thought. This experience grows with practice.

On this page, you will learn why meditation works, how to meditate at home plus techniques to balance the inner system.

Meditating and Balancing

How to meditate
  • Sit comfortably with both hands open, palms up on your lap. Sit on a chair or on the floor, as you wish. If you can, remove your shoes, to give you a connection with Mother Earth.
  • Take a few deep breaths, then breathe in a quiet, relaxed way. Keep your attention above your head. Let thoughts go without following them.
  • If thoughts continue, say gently within yourself, “Not this thought” or “I forgive myself, I forgive everyone”.

  • When you are peaceful, see if you can feel a gentle cool breeze on your hands, or gently blowing upwards above your head.
  • When you feel the cool above your head, gently keep your attention there. Rest both hands on your lap, palms up.
  • Relax and enjoy the peace and silence.

  • Meditating daily for 10 minutes will help to strengthen your experience.

Audio guide for meditation (5mins:10s)

 Balancing the inner system

These balancing techniques can assist with the clearing the subtle system and enhancing meditations.

Clearing the Left Side Channel
When over emotional, dwelling in the past or have low self-esteem or for tingling, heat or heaviness on the left hand:

Hold the left hand out, palm upwards and place the right hand on the earth, or direct it towards the earth.

Audio guide for clearing Left Side (3mins:10s)

Clearing the Right Side Channel
When over planning and stressed, can’t stop thinking or can’t sleep or for tingling heat or heaviness on the right hand:

Hold the right hand out, palm upwards, bend the left arm at the elbow and direct the palm towards the back.

Audio guide for clearing Right Side (3mins:10s)


Commencing and concluding meditations

Commence and conclude your meditations with these exercises. The exercises will help to establish and maintain a meditative state.

Raising the Kundalini


The Kundalini is our individual spiritual mother. After Self-Realisation, raising the Kundalini maintains our connection with the all pervading energy.

To raise your Kundalini, place the left hand in front of your lower abdomen, palm facing the body. Raise the hand up vertically, until it reaches a position above your head. While the left hand is ascending, the right hand rotates around it clockwise, until both hands are above the head. Use both hands to tie a knot. Repeat three times. The third time, tie the knot three times.

Raising the Kundalini

Putting on a Bandhan


The Bandhan protects our subtle system from any negative disturbances. After Self-Relisation, the vibrations that flow in our hands are used to provide this protection.

To put on a Bandhan, hold the left hand out on your lap, palm upwards. Place your right hand over your left hip and slowly raise your right hand up the left side, over your head and down the right side of your body. Then raise the right hand up the right side, over your head and down the left side. This is one bandhan. Repeat seven times (one for each Chakra).

Putting on a Bandhan

Introductory Guide to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

An excellent audio guide to help you experience true meditation while learning about the many aspects of Sahaja Yoga meditation.