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Audio talks by HH Shri Mataji

A selection of public lectures by Shri Mataji (founder) who talks about the history and various aspects of meditation plus gives guided Self Realisation sessions.


The Subtle System
The Subtle System is the network of energy centers (Chakras) and channels (Nadis) through which our inner energy flows (the Kundalini). After Self Realisation, the System maintains our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual welling.

Introductory talks by Sahaja Yogis

A series of podcasts presented by experienced Sahaja Yogis who guide you through meditations and discuss meditation, the Subtle System, Kundalini and the Spirit. More podcasts.

Introduction to Meditation

It is through the spontaneous happening of Self-Realisation that we gain the ability to meditate in a rich, rewarding, deep and balance way. Please join us to receive your Self Realisation and learn more about Sahaja Yoga and its true meditation.

Inner Peace Series

The Inner Peace Series aims at exploring a meditation technique called Sahaja Yoga and guiding you through its practical steps. Throughout the series we will try to clarify the true nature of meditation, how it can be achieved and in what ways we can benefit from it in our daily lives. We are hoping that by following the simple techniques and suggestion in this series you will be able to gain a good understanding of yourself and in effect, achieve inner peace!

More talks on our website

Introductory Guide to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

An excellent audio guide to help you experience true meditation while learning about the many aspects of Sahaja Yoga meditation.