Feedback from class & workshop participants

“If you lead a good, healthy life, you have to exercise and meditate. If you meditate you become peaceful. With that peace, you’ll be amazed, you’ll have so much of energy.” Shri Mataji – founder

A very enriching, uplifting experience. I have been inwardly directed towards this meditation and can feel its benefit within me – I hope to continue on and help my family and work colleagues from this experience. Jacqueline.

A great introduction to meditation for me. Simple and concise content. Suky

Great workshop. The variety of speakers, activities and presentations kept the workshop interesting with plenty of practical techniques. Also, did not feel pressured or ‘sold’ into anything. The meditation with such a large group of people helps attain thoughtless awareness. Andy

I don’t really believe in chakras but do see the value in ‘thoughtless’ awareness and was taken with the doctor’s medical research. Mike

It was very good, it was my first time. Ida

Great for a first timer. Sav

Really enjoyed the delightful, welcoming and accepting people who ran the event. Judy

Enjoyed the refreshing absence of hype and spin. Glad I came. Susanna

 Very relaxing. A measurable and scientifically validated personal experience. Most enjoyed putting a name to something that I was searching for. Paul

Very insightful. It has made the idea and purpose of meditation very clear to me. Thank you.

Gave me a great insight into something I knew little about.

I attend weekly classes and its very powerful meditating in a group. Today was excellent on a such a large scale. Very informative, thank you so much. Jenny

Great presentation. Demonstrations were excellent and the live music was great. Enjoyed the entire afternoon. Sherine

I have done the self realisation at work before. This showed me you can meditate very easily without doing affirmations and simply sitting still. Techniques on how to de-stress at work were good. Seeing that children can do this further encourages me. Savita

 The music group was so uplifting and inspirational. Today was an opportunity to experience a deeper sense of silence. Margarita

Felt very relaxed and centred after the meditation sessions. Enjoyed the doctor’s session very much. Sally

A great experience for self awareness. Parminder.