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“When you become the Spirit, your attention gets enlightened into collective consciousness – it becomes, because this Spirit in you is the collective being.” – Shri Mataji (founder)

The Subtle System

Diagram of The Subtle System

Animation of the Kundalini (Mothering energy) rising

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The Chakras
Inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world. At the same time, within us resides a Subtle System of channels (‘Nadis’, see A  to C on diagram) and centres of energy (‘Chakras’, see 1 to 7 on diagram) which look after our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

When we receive our Self Realisation, our Spirit is awakened and the Subtle System becomes connected with the all pervading life force.

Each of the seven chakras has many qualities. These qualities are intact within us, and even though they might not always be manifested, they can never be destroyed.  When the Kundalini mothering energy is awakened, these qualities start manifesting spontaneously and express themselves in our life.

Through regular meditation, we strengthen and nourish the chakras and the subtle system.

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