What is Sahaja Yoga?

What is Sahaja Yoga?

Interview with Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation

Shri Mataji founded Her Sahaja Yoga meditation in 1970. Since then, millions around the world have been enjoying Her free meditation which promotes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

This interview was conducted with Shri Mataji at Her Burwood Ashram in Sydney on 16th March 1990.

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Shri Mataji describes how within our sacrum bone, lies 3 and a half coils of Divine energy which can connect us to the All-pervading Power of truth, which is a very subtle energy. Through Her Self-Realisation process, we get connected with that Power which we can feel on our fingertips as a subtle cool breeze.

Founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation, Shri Mataji dedicated her life to helping humanity realise its innate spiritual nature through an experience known as Self Realisation. Her core teaching is that within us all lies a transformative potential, which can be awakened through Self Realisation and by doing so, we can bring peace and wellbeing to ourselves, our families and society.

QUOTES BY SHRI MATAJI – Founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation
• Meditation – “Only in meditation you are in present and you grow in your spirituality.”
• Clean Heart – “If your heart is clean, you can see the other person clearly through and through. Innocence is such a powerful thing.”
• Innocence – “You have to have complete faith in yourself and that your Self is nothing but innocence.”
• Thoughtless Awareness – “In thoughtless awareness nobody can touch you, that’s your fortress.”
• Needs – “I need this, I need that, I need that. We should know what other people need.”
• Love – “You may be very great, you might be very intelligent, you may be earning lots of money, whatever it is. It’s not so important. What is the most important thing is that you are loved.”

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