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Meditation Guides

These guides will assist you with simple meditation and balancing methods to help you experience the peace and inner joy of true meditation. (All the guides are in PDF format so you need Adobe Reader to view them. If you need the free Adobe Reader, click here.)

Meditation and Balancing Guide

Contains the Affirmations for Self Realisation, How to meditate, Balancing the left and right channels and information about subtle system, meditation and Shri Mataji (founder).

Download the Meditation and Balancing Guide

Meditation Card

This Meditation Card contains general instructions on how to meditate with a photo of Shri Mataji.

Download the Meditation Card

Using Shri Mataji’s photograph for meditation

We have found that by meditating in front of Shri Mataji’s photographs, our Subtle system comes into balance and is cleared through the positive vibrations that are emitted from her photographs. As result, we become more relaxed and calmer as we experience the inner joy of the Spirit in our heart. If you wish to use Shri Mataji’s photograph, then it’s best to place the photo in a frame and use a small candle in front of the photo when meditating. Please contact us if you’d like us to email you other photos of Shri Mataji (in different sizes)  for your meditation at [email protected]

Short video of Shri Mataji explaining why we use her photograph for meditation.

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