Webcast ‘Forgiveness & the Agnya chakra’

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‘Forgiveness & the Agnya chakra’

Sunday 12th April 2020 7pm (Sydney time)
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During Easter, we recognise the quality of the Agnya centre (chakra) which is Forgiveness. Human beings make mistakes, that is a part of our lives. But at the same time, we must remember that we have to forgive. That is much more important than getting angry. Forgiveness is such a great, satisfying quality. If we can forgive people, we become extremely pure. Because the dirt or the anger that is within us goes out.


  • Short introduction to Sahaja Yoga meditation, the chakras and awakening of our inner subtle energy.
  • Guided meditations with music.
  • Clearing, balancing and strengthening the Agnya centre (chakra)
  • Discussion with practitioners on their personal experience about forgiveness & the Agnya chakra.
  • Video excerpt on Shri Mataji explaining the importance of Forgiveness.