Meditation Webcasts

Meditation Webcasts

Here you’ll find video recordings from our previous webcasts.

These videos provide an excellent introduction to Sahaja Yoga meditation and cover the Subtle system which is comprised of the seven main Chakras (energy centres) and the three Nadis (energy channels). The videos include talks by Shri Mataji (founder) where she presents her philosophy and teachings of her meditation and the spiritual nature of human beings. In-depth guided meditations with clearing and balancing instructions are also included.

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Next Webcasts

“Managing Stress”

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Friday 24th January 2020 7pm to 8pm (Sydney time)

This webcast will address how mental, emotional and physical stress impacts our wellbeing that can lead to anxiety and panic attacks, poor sleep, feeling overwhelmed, peer and family pressure and negative feelings.

Our panel of Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners will discuss and demonstrate techniques they use to balance the left and right side of the subtle system to attain thoughtless awareness in meditation to help overcome the impact of stress. More information.

Past Webcasts

“How meditation can help with Studying & Exams” (Webcast 1st Nov 2019)

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This webcast addresses some of the common concerns that students have about study and exams, such as anxiety and panic attacks before exams, poor sleep, feeling overwhelmed, peer and family pressure and negative feelings. More details.

“Celebrating World Self-Realisation Day” (Webcast 5th May 2019)

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To receive your Self Realisation please join us to be guided through the simple process of Kundalini awakening for your Self Realisation and learn how to meditate.

“Establishing Self Realisation and the Chakras Sahaja Yoga Meditation” (Webcast 30th May 2019)

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The importance of nurturing your Self Realisation and how regular meditation strengthens the awakened mothering Kundalini energy to bring about mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Session includes more information about our Chakras (energy centres) and guided meditations.

“World Yoga Day and Meditate Australia Tour” (Webcast 21st June 2019)

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Real Yoga is the spiritual union attained through Self Realisation and Meditation. Traditionally, Yoga means union with our inner self and the all-pervading energy. Real Yoga is not physical exercises but thoughtless awareness meditation which is achieved through Self Realisation. Sahaja Yoga Meditation provides this experience for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Also included in this event was the forthcoming Meditate Australia Tour during July 2019.

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