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Onsite Meditation Fact Sheet

Onsite meditation details

  • To celebrate our 50th Year of Sahaja Yoga meditation, we are offering free meditation classes and workshops to Australian organisations and community groups to support their wellness programs.
  • Sessions will be conducted on your premises, preferably in a quiet meeting room or area with chairs. No physical exercises, postures or special clothing are required. Everyone will be seated on chairs.
  • The sessions will be presented by practitioners of Sahaja Yoga meditation which has been taught in Australia free of charge since 1981.
  • If possible, the room should have basic audio/visual equipment that will allow us to show a presentation and video and play music from our laptop. To enhance the meditation, we would also like to set up a small meditation table at the front of the room and light a small candle and incense, if these are allowed by your building’s fire safety regulations.
  • Invite everyone to come along as no prior knowledge or experience of meditation is required. The sessions are suitable for both complete beginners and regular meditators.
  • Sessions typically run for 30 to 90 minutes and can be a single event or a series of weekly sessions for say, 4 weeks. We can customise the duration to suit your staff’s schedule.
  • Participants can continue with the meditation after hours at one of our free suburban classes or use our free online resources.
  • We provide guided meditations with simple techniques to help everyone reduce stress and achieve the peace of true meditation. Sessions include tips on how to help stay in balance during the day and how to meditate at home.
  • Our team can assist with the internal promotion of the sessions to your staff. We will provide participants with all the printed material and follow-up information which you can review beforehand.
  • Please obtain approval from your organisation’s HR/management team before submitting a Request Form on behalf of your organisation.
  • If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

Request a visit

If you are interested in participating then please complete the Onsite Meditation Request Form below. Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you to discuss the next step.

Supporting material

The links provide more information about our meditation and the online resources available to all participants.

Below is a sample poster that we can customise to promote the meditation sessions in your organisation:

Sample internal promotional poster

TV and workshop videos

Sahaja Yoga meditation in the media and a video about our classes and workshops.

Channel 7 Sunrise team tries meditation
Channel 10 News: Reducing work related stress
At our classes & workshops

Follow up handouts

These are the typical handouts provided to participants of our meditation sessions. Handouts may vary on your location and special needs.

Welcome to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Brief overview of what is meditation and how to learn more.

Download Welcome to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Meditation and Balancing Guide

Contains the Affirmations for Self Realisation, How to meditate, Balancing the left and right channels and information about subtle system, meditation and Shri Mataji (founder).

Download the Meditation and Balancing Guide