Tamworth NSW classes – Saturday 15th May 2021

Meditation in Tamworth

(Northeast NSW)
This Saturday 15th May 2021

Our meditation team will be visiting the Tamworth area this Saturday to provide free meditation classes. If you are in the area please come along and meet us.

If you not in the area, and have family or friends in the Tamworth area, then please share the news.


Saturday 15th May 2021
10:30AM to 11:30AM
Tamworth Community Centre, 3A Darling Street Tamworth
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Suitable for regular meditators and newcomers

Bookings and more information contact 0425 774 430

(On going monthly visits during 2021 – Saturdays 15th May, 12th Jun, 10th Jul, 14th Aug & 11th Sep, 2021)

Bookings & more information

Contact 0425 774 430

COVID safe organisation

Social distancing and hygiene measures will be followed at this event, as set out by the NSW Government’s COVID Guidelines, so please register to ensure a place.

Support after the sessions

  • After the sessions, you can meditate with us during the week. Join us for regular meditation via online interactive meditation sessions on Zoom. Join the Whatsapp meditation group where we will provide you with ongoing support for your daily meditation.

About the meditation

Stress relief • Inner peace • Holistic health benefit
Through Sahaja Yoga meditation, a subtle energy called Kundalini is spontaneously awakened. It starts to clear and balance our subtle system. This helps us to meditate, to go beyond our thoughts, worries and upsets and be in a state of peace and calm. The meditation is very easy to do and you are welcome to join us to experience the peace it may offer.