Meditation while working from home – Live on YouTube 10th August 2020

Monday 10th August 2020, 8pm to 9pm (Sydney time)


Learn how best to weave in meditation while working from home.
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For everyone! Hosted from Melbourne. This session starts in:


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OVERVIEW This webcast will help audiences learn how best to weave in meditation while working from home (WFH).

The panel of Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners will guide a meditation session and share practical tips/insights on meditation helping manage a WFH culture.


  • Short introduction to Sahaja Yoga meditation, the chakras and awakening of our inner subtle energy.
  • Guided meditation to self-evaluate – Positive and Negative.
  • Hold or Cold? Reading the signals on the hands and taking corrective action.
  • Discussion with practitioners on their personal experience and how meditation has helped overcome issues.
  • Video excerpt on Shri Mataji explaining self-awareness.

About these sessions

Collective meditation sessions with clearing, balancing, talks and discussions on a topic of the day. Suitable for complete beginners and regular mediators.