Meditate Australia Tour during July 2019

Meditate Australia Tour during July 2019

Meditation workshops with live music performances 
150 events in 32 Cities & Regional Towns

Please join us during July to experience the peace and joy of true meditation through our Australia wide meditation workshops.

Our Meditate Australia Tour team will be presenting over 150 free meditation workshops with live music performances during July in 32 Cities and Regional Towns. So come along to a local event to learn more and enjoy our guided collective meditations to discovery your inner peace.

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A journey of self discovery through Sahaja Yoga meditation. Visiting 32 Cities and Regional Towns to present150 meditation workshops with live music performances.

About the Tour

Meditate Australia is a national project presented by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia.

Our aim is to make the experience and benefits of meditation easily accessible to every-day Australians leading everyday lives.

For the past three decades, Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia has conducted programs in many settings around Australia. It is our belief that meditation is an integral part of our existence, which should be made accessible to everyone in our society, therefore the Meditate Australia initiative, as part of Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia, will always be provided free of charge.

In July 2019, the Meditate Australia initiative will be conducting a nationwide tour, bringing practitioners from around the world, of all ages and cultural backgrounds, to share free meditation classes in workplaces and community spaces near you.

About the Events

Workshops are free and suitable for both complete beginners and regular meditators. Chairs are provided. No physical exercises, postures or special clothing are required. No booking required. Free follow-up classes are available in most locations.

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