Let’s Meditate for 21 Days – Starting today!


For freedom from thoughts

Daily online meditation sessions for 21 Days

31st July to 20th August 2021
Every day 8:45pm to 9:45pm (Sydney time)
(Convert to your local time)

One to one help and workshops with Group Practice • Join in at anytime, even if you miss a session.
Watch Live on Zoom or YouTube


Weekly course themes
  • Week 1: Awaken the energy & Know Thyself
    Saturday 31st July to Friday 6th August 2021
  • Week 2: Spiritual Ascent
    Saturday 7th to Friday 13th August 2021
  • Week 3: Nirvicharita (thoughtlessness) through meditation
    Saturday 14th to Friday 20th August 2021
Why 21 Day course for peace through spiritual awakening?

Little by little, we practice every day to cleanse our inner system using powerful techniques of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. This is a spiritual meditation whereby we awaken the inner energy that gently brings positive change within us – making us more balanced, peaceful and joyous. As you participate in the daily classes, you will notice increasing gap between your thoughts and feeling more relaxed, peaceful and spiritual. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always free and practiced in more than 100 countries.

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