Let’s Meditate for 21 Days Course during August 2022

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21 Day Meditation Course

Monday 1st to Sunday 21st August 2022
Every day 8pm to 9pm (Sydney time)
(Convert to your local time)
(Sydney 8pm • Delhi 3:30pm • London 11am • New York 6am)

This event is hosted by Sahaja Yoga practitioners from Melbourne Australia.

Discover the peace & joy of true meditation

Everyone Welcome • Join anytime

Beginners • Intermediate • Advanced Sessions
No previous experience in meditation required • Join in at anytime, even if you miss some sessions • Join with Zoom for interactive session or use YouTube.

Newcomers and regulars will learn how to meditate and experience true meditation. Over the 3 weeks, you’ll be guided daily by our online team through the three levels of knowledge and meditation experiences from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. One on one help and workshops with group practice will be available. Join in at anytime, even if you miss some sessions.

Join with Zoom for interactive sessions or watch on YouTube. All sessions will be recorded so you can also watch sessions to suit your time zone or schedule.

“When you become the Spirit, your attention gets enlightened into collective consciousness – it becomes, because this Spirit in you is the collective being.” – Shri Mataji (founder)

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About the sessions

This is a spiritual meditation where we awaken our inner energy that gently brings about positive change within us – we feel more balanced, peaceful and joyous. As you participate in the daily meditation sessions, you will notice the gap between your thoughts increasing and you will feel more relaxed, peaceful and spiritual.

About Sahaja Yoga meditation

Millions around the world are enjoying our free Sahaja Yoga Meditation since it was started by HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on 5th May,1970. Her meditation enables en-masse Self-Realisation. Self-Realisation is the key to thoughtless awareness, also known as mental silence, and is the basis of good health and wellbeing. Sahaja Yoga meditation provides this experience.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always free and is practiced in more than 100 countries.

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