Celebrating World Environment Day – 6th June 2021


Sunday 6th June 2021 – 11:30am to 6pm (Sydney time)

A day of Meditations, Music & Talks, Videos in honour of Mother Earth. Awaken your unique inner connection to Mother Earth.

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On this day, the United Nations highlights the importance of our connection with Mother Earth through World Environment Day. To celebrate this day, we invite you to our day of Meditations, Music, Talks and Videos in honour of Mother Earth and to awaken and nourish your inner connection with nature through Sahaja Yoga meditation.

“So the Mother Earth becomes a very important thing for us. If we do not know how to respect the Mother Earth, we do not know how to respect ourselves.” Shri Mataji – founder


  • Learn how Mother Earth enhances and balances our inner being through collective and individual meditations.
  • Introduction to Sahaja Yoga meditation, the chakras and awakening of our inner subtle energy.
  • Guided meditations with clearing and balancing using the elements.
  • Techniques to go beyond our mind and thoughts to connect with Mother Nature.
  • Discussion with practitioners on their personal experience how meditation can bring us closer to nature.
  • Videos by Shri Mataji (the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation) on the importance of remaining connected to nature.
  • Plus lots of music and dance from our global Sahaja Yoga artists!

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