A new year – it’s time to meditate!

Welcome back!  Holidays are over and we hope you’re refreshed and ready for 2017.

New year, New start!

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to learn how to meditate or to get back to meditating, now is the perfect time to come along to our free weekly meditation classes. Our meditation is very easy to do and you are welcome to join us to experience the peace it may offer.

Back to meditation classes

To help you, we have weekly classes in over 80 locations around Australia and many special events are planned for 2017, such as one-day workshops, 4 week courses, music concerts and meditation stalls at Fairs & Festivals. All events are suitable for newcomers and regular meditators.

Free weekly classes

To locate a class…

Can’t attend a local class?
Try the following 5 minute meditation…

Step 1
Sit comfortably with both hands open, palms up on your lap. Sit on a chair or on the floor, as you wish. If you can, remove your shoes, to give you a connection with Mother Earth.

Meditator - Silence

Take a few deep breaths, then breathe in a quiet, relaxed way.
Keep your attention above your head. Let thoughts go without following them.

If thoughts continue, say gently within yourself, “Not this thought” or “I forgive myself, I forgive everyone”.

Step 2
When you are peaceful, see if you can feel a gentle cool breeze on your hands, or gently blowing upwards above your head.

Meditator - Cool breeze

Step 3
When you feel the cool above your head, gently keep your attention there. Rest both hands on your lap, palms up.

Meditator-No-thoughts 01

Relax and enjoy the inner peace and silence for a few minutes.

Meditation Guide
If you’re feeling heat or tingling on your hands, then try the Balancing techniques on our website or download our Meditation Guide.

Meditation Guide

About our meditation

  • Learn simple and effective ways to help experience the peace of true meditation.
  • Classes and events are provided free by our experienced team of volunteers, as a non-profit community service.
  • No physical exercises, postures or special clothing required and chairs are provided.
  • New people come along most weeks, so everything is explained.
  • Join in at any time and always free of charge.

We hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia

Millions around the world are enjoying our free meditation since it was started in 1970 by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.