Music & Meditation – Live Streaming from Uluru (Ayers Rock) Monday 9th Sept 2019

Music & Meditation

Live Streaming from Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Central Australia

Monday 9th September 2019

Our meditation team will be visiting Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Central Australia next Monday to hold a Music and Meditation event in this unique and sacred spiritual location.

Uluru symbolises the universal quality of innocence and wisdom within our Mooladhara chakra which is located at the base of our Subtle System. (See more about the Mooladhara chakra below)

Please join us for this very special event:

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Live stream of Music & Meditation program
Monday 9th September 2019
3pm (Uluru/ Central Australia time)
Uluru Convention Centre – Sails in the Desert Hotel
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About the Mooladhara chakra

Situated below the sacrum bone, the awakened Mooladhara chakra gives us innocence and wisdom. Innocence gives us joy without the limitations of conditionings and prejudice, a quality that can be found in small children. This quality diminishes as we grow up and develop a sense of ego and selfish desires. Fortunately, this innate innocence is never destroyed and can return to us by practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation. It is like the sun, which is obscured by clouds, but which shines again after the clouds pass. In India the elephant-headed deity, Shri Ganesha, is respected as the essence of innocence and wisdom. He has the body of a child, symbolising innocence, and the head of an elephant, symbolising humility and wisdom.

The Subtle System showing the location of the Mooladhara chakra and Sacrum bone where the Kundalini resides.

“Innocence is the quality of the Spirit; and when this Spirit within you is awakened, you get the power of innocence, by which you overcome all that is negative, all that is wrong, all that is detrimental to your growth, spiritual understanding.” Shri Mataji (founder)


We hope you can join us on Monday!

Kind regards,
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia