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These videos provide an excellent introduction to Sahaja Yoga meditation and include in-depth guided meditations with clearing and balancing instructions.

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‘Yoga: A contemporary perspective’

Thursday 2nd April 2020 at 7PM (Sydney time)

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Yoga classes are becoming popular, which different activities and techniques being proposed to the public. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years in India and serves a specific purpose for our spiritual and human growth. In this session, we will explore the meaning, origin and purpose of yoga as well as discover how its essence can be experienced in modern time.

Past Webcasts

Recordings of our previous webcasts are below.

‘Guided meditations with balancing & clearing’ (Webcast 29th March 2020)

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Webcast is a ‘how-to’ on ways to use Sahaja Yoga Meditation techniques to cleanse negative emotions and stimulate the immune system. The panel of Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners will discuss and demonstrate the use of the light elements (with candles) to improve the depth of meditation.

‘Coping with Stress’ (Webcast 26th March 2020)

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How does balance help to manage stress? We cover how to create balance in ourselves and maintain balance in our daily lives.

‘Celebrating Shri Mataji’s Birthday’ (Webcast 22nd March 2020)

A Life dedicated to Humanity

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We celebrate two very special birthdays – the birth of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the birth of Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation. The panel of Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners discuss and demonstrate techniques that have become Shri Mataji’s enduring legacy, around the world. Read more.

‘Commemorating the Life of HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1923 ~ 2011’ (Webcast 23rd February 2020)

Her legacy of free meditation and spiritual guidance

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During this webcast, we will guide you through HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s unique meditation and present a history of her life and spiritual work. Shri Mataji introduced her unique Sahaja Yoga meditation in 1970 and people in over 100 countries practise and enjoy it free of charge. Her foundation practises and teaches a meditation beginning with Self Realisation which awakens our inner spiritual aspect. As a result, we experience thoughtless awareness in our meditation which promotes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

‘Power of pure attention’ (Webcast 9th February 2020)

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Webcast focuses on clearing and cooling the Right Swadishthana and Nahbi Chakras which are the seat of pure attention. These chakras correspond to our liver which is located under the ribs on our right side. Prior to joining the webcast, place some ice in a plastic bag and cover it with a cloth or small towel. During the webcast, we guide you through the steps to clear Right Swadishthana and Nahbi Chakras. More information.

‘Stress Management through Meditation’ (Webcast 26th January 2020)

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This webcast addresses how mental, emotional and physical stress impacts our wellbeing that can lead to anxiety and panic attacks, poor sleep, feeling overwhelmed, peer and family pressure and negative feelings. Our panel of Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners will discuss and demonstrate techniques they use to balance the left and right side of the subtle system to attain thoughtless awareness in meditation to help overcome the impact of stress. More information.

“How meditation can help with Studying & Exams” (Webcast 1st November 2019)

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This webcast addresses some of the common concerns that students have about study and exams, such as anxiety and panic attacks before exams, poor sleep, feeling overwhelmed, peer and family pressure and negative feelings. More details.

“Celebrating World Self-Realisation Day” (Webcast 5th May 2019)

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To receive your Self Realisation please join us to be guided through the simple process of Kundalini awakening for your Self Realisation and learn how to meditate.

“Establishing Self Realisation and the Chakras Sahaja Yoga Meditation” (Webcast 30th May 2019)

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The importance of nurturing your Self Realisation and how regular meditation strengthens the awakened mothering Kundalini energy to bring about mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Session includes more information about our Chakras (energy centres) and guided meditations.

“World Yoga Day and Meditate Australia Tour” (Webcast 21st June 2019)

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Real Yoga is the spiritual union attained through Self Realisation and Meditation. Traditionally, Yoga means union with our inner self and the all-pervading energy. Real Yoga is not physical exercises but thoughtless awareness meditation which is achieved through Self Realisation. Sahaja Yoga Meditation provides this experience for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Also included in this event was the forthcoming Meditate Australia Tour during July 2019.

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