‘Grihalakshmi’ A movie of an awakening for a peaceful home, Sunday 27th Dec 2020


A movie of an awakening for a peaceful home


Sunday 27th December 2020 10.45PM (Sydney)
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The movie is presented in English with Chinese subtitles.
这部电影是用英文放映的 配有中文字幕

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Sisters Sheetal and Samaira are caught in a cycle of envy, often quarrelling over marriage prospects that come for the younger sister before the elder one. Life seems tough and chaotic. Amid the chaos, they get on a journey of spirituality and meditation, which helps them manage their lives better. That’s how the film Grihalakshmi: The Awakening, pans out.

Sheetal和Samaira这对姐妹花因为妹妹会比姐姐更有婚姻的前景引发了很多争吵 陷入了嫉妒的循环中.生活看起来非常混乱和坚难. 在这样的一片混乱中,他们开始了灵性和冥想之旅,这帮助了他们更好地管理自己的生活。这就是电影《Grihalakshmi之觉醒》的成功.

The inspiration for this film came to producer Sanjay Roshan Talwar, whose life transformed after being introduced to Sahaja Yoga meditation 35 years ago. Talwar, having spent his early years with Shree MatajiNirmala Devi the founder of the meditation, learnt the technique to raise an inner power called the ‘kundalini’ and wanted to bring “positive cinema” to the masses.
这部富有启发性的电影来自于制作人Sanjay Roshan Talwar,他的生活在35年前因联系霎哈嘉瑜伽冥想而被彻底转化了. Sanjay Talwar早年曾与此冥想的创始人Shree MatajiNirmala Devi女士一起度过,他从那学会了提升一种叫做“昆达里尼”的内在力量的技巧,并想把“积极的电影”带给大众。

“Our cinema shows you 80% negative content. I wanted to bring fresh content. The story was built in a way that shows women in your life are very important. I showed how strong a woman can be. And the best part is that people actually want to meditate after watching the film,” he smiles.

Talwar has also sings devotional songs in the film, which concludes with a working woman coming home from work, and her children and husband receive her happily. “I end it showing that everything revolves around her, the Grihalakshmi (the peaceful home),” he concludes

This event is hosted by Sahaja Yoga meditation International and “Nirmala Art Without Frontiers” who host public welfare programs organized by a group of people who love art and life. The purpose is to connect people’s hearts through art. All events are free of charge.
本次活动由澳大利亚霎哈嘉瑜伽冥想和“Nirmala无国界艺术沙龙”举办,该沙龙是由一群热爱艺术和生活的人们创立的公益组织,目的是通过艺术点亮人们的心灵。 所有活动均是免费的。

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