The Heart Chakra (the 4th chakra)

Mother of the Universe • physical mother • sense of security  • creation and nourishment of antibodies

The Subtle System
The Subtle System

When a child is born, the first thing that it respond to is the Spirit of its mother. At the moment of his birth he is not aware of his body or that of this mother, but he is aware of the Spirit. The moment he comes out of the womb he suffers a shock, and his first reaction is to get back to the womb. At this stage his mind, conditionings and ego aspects are not developed. He is pure Spirit, and it is this pure Spirit that finds comfort in the Spirit of this mother and through that comfort, sustenance in the new alien environment. This response is true love or unconditional love, it is not a conditioned response, but the sheer joy of the fusion of two Spirits.

The Heart Chakra is the home of the Self, the Spirit, Atma – all meaning the same thing. Time and again Shri Mataji has stressed that “You are nothing but an eternal Spirit”. In this way she is telling us that we have to realise and become our Spirit, and leave behind the futility of the illusion we live in. We start the process of becoming our Spirit after realisation, as we start to lose our false identifications with our body, mind, and feelings. Only after this enlightenment can we take our Attention to our Heart and cleanse it. The Spirit can only manifest when our heart is open and clean, at which point we feel the eternal joy of the creation and the meaning and purpose of our place in it. We clean our heart through our pure Desire, and through our Attention. Saying Affirmations such as “I am the Spirit” are effective in this process, but it must not be mechanical action.


The Heart Chakra – the 4th Chakra by Shri Mataji (Delhi, 1st February, 1983)

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