The Nahbi Chakra (the 3rd chakra)

Peace • Satisfaction • Contentment • Peacefulness and Generosity • Dharma (right conduct) • Evolution

The evolutionary growth of humankind mirrors the ascending Chakras of our Subtle System, and our corresponding spiritual growth path.

The Subtle System
The Subtle System

The Nabhi chakra represents the evolutionary point when man’s shelter became “home”, when the family unit became a source of satisfaction in itself rather then just a channel of reproduction. This domestic satisfaction translates into the satisfaction that we feel with life in general after our Spiritual awakening through Self-Realisation.

The Kundalini passes first through the Nabhi chakra, piercing it from side to side. Through vibrations, after Self-Realisation, we gain real understanding of why and how a pure and righteous life should be led. We truly realise the need for Dharma. Thus wisdom grows within.

The Nabhi is the center of welfare, both physical and financial. As man developed his creative powers further, he also learned to harness nature’s resources to his advantage – and thus grew prosperous. Prosperity is a necessary step in evolution, and money is a valid medium of exchange in order to obtain the essential needs and desires of man. If we do not have the means of satisfying the basic needs then they will continue to preoccupy our attention, diverting us from the true direction. We have been blessed with intelligence and a versatile body through which we can work to raise the means to fulfill these needs. When these needs are satisfied, then these mundane matters no longer occupy us and block our growth.

‘Today I will tell you about the Nabhi Chakra which deals with this honesty of seeking’. Shri Mataji

The Nabhi Chakra – the 3rd Chakra by Shri Mataji (Delhi, 31st January, 1983)

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