Next 21 Days of Meditation – 23rd August to 12th September 2021


Freedom from Thoughts

Daily online meditation sessions for 21 Days

23rd August to 12th September 2021
8:45pm to 10pm (Sydney time)
(Convert to your local time)

We welcome you to the “Next 21 Days of Meditation” Intermediate course – a follow-on event to our “Let’s meditate for 21 Days” international event that was held during August 2021.

Join with Zoom for interactive session or use YouTube.

In Week 1, we’ll learn how to meditate at home, in the morning and evening. The aim of this week is to give you the knowledge and confidence required to meditate at home on your own.

This is the next step towards your spiritual ascent and wellbeing. We look forward to continuing this journey with everyone over the Next 21 Days.

  • For Regulars and Newcomers
  • No previous experience in meditation required
  • One on one help and group sessions
  • Join in at anytime, even if you miss a session

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