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Sydney Online Meditation Workshops

Every Monday 7:30pm to 8:30pm (Sydney time)
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Interactive Zoom sessions for everyone

(The Sydney In-person workshop held on 25th Nov 2023 has ended – Please join our online workshops.)

Free meditation workshops for newcomers and regular meditators to help establish emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing through Sahaja Yoga meditation.

On Zoom

Every Monday 7:30pm to 8:30pm (Sydney time)
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Workshop Info

  • Sessions are hosted by our Sydney meditation team (Andrew, Sue, Sandeep, Kannan and others)
  • Separate sessions for newcomers/beginners, intermediate and advanced attendees.
  • All sessions include guided meditations, video talks by Shri Mataji, clearing and balancing, music and Q&A segments.
  • Easy to learn, everything explained.
  • Join anytime with Zoom
  • Free ongoing In-person and Online classes available here.
  • Contact [email protected]

Workshop Groups

Workshop attendees will be invited to join one of the following groups during the day:

  • Group 1:  Beginners (For newcomers to Sahaja Yoga.) Introduction to meditation and Self Realisation, and as well as learning how to achieve inner balance.
  • Group 2: Intermediate (For those who are familiar with Sahaja Yoga.) Cleaning techniques with balancing, foot-soaking and exchanging of vibrations.
  • Group 3: Advanced (For those who have attended many Sahaja Yoga in-person or online in-depth events/programs.) Going deeper, developing absolute knowledge, and where to from here.

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Join the group for news and dedicated support. Our long time meditators will help you to learn how to meditate. You’ll be able to ask questions and receive resources and inspirations to help you on your meditation journey.

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Welcome videos for 25th Nov 2023 Workshop

About our Workshops

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Learn about the inner subtle (chakras) system and guided meditations

Quotes by Shri Mataji

Founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation

“Only in meditation you are in present and you grow in your spirituality.”
“Sahaja Yoga is a very subtler happening within us. It’s a very subtler happening  and this subtler happening gives you sensitivity to Divine joy”
“You may be very great, you might be very intelligent, you may be earning lots of money, whatever it is. It’s not so important. What is the most important thing is that you are loved.”

Workshop feedback

‘After a period in my life, which I can only describe as most challenging, I came here and found balance’

‘Gave me a great insight into something I knew little about’.

‘Amazing. So many aspects covered – so rewarding. Thank you”. “It was explained well enough for me to practice’.

‘Informality of the day helps one to relax quickly. Explanations are clear and delivered well. Music was enjoyable. I feel that I would like to continue with Sahaja Yoga and introduce my children to it’

‘I feel that I was brought to a new stage of realisation, and really felt a deep experience, I want to learn more about the mantras’.

‘It’s an on-going step… this is very inspiring, nourishing… the key opening a gateway, to incorporate this bit by bit in my life. It’s very important you keep these workshops going’.

‘Wonderful, just wonderful exactly what I have been looking for, superb, I feel I have big understanding of meditation now – thank you very much Sahaja Yoga’.

‘Very insightful. It has made the idea and purpose of meditation very clear to me. Thank you’.

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