Meditation & Music in South Perth, Saturday 12th December

Meditation & Music in South Perth
Discover the Joy Within

Saturday 12th December 2015, 11am to 12.30pm

You are invited to this unique meditation and music event to Discover the Joy Within through true meditation.

Meditation & Music South Perth 215

Enjoy the powerful rhythms and unique fusion of East and West music performed by the energetic Sahaja Yoga Meditation Group. Treat yourself to an enlightening and entertaining music event.

During this program you will feel the state of true meditation (‘thoughtless awareness’) through Self Realisation and also enjoy music which expresses the bubbling joy that comes from this profound state of peace.

Event details
Saturday 12th December, 2015
11am to 12.30pm

South Perth Community Hall
Cnr Sandgate St & South Terrace
South Perth, WA
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Cost: This is a FREE event, which is suitable for complete beginners. It is provided free by an experienced team of volunteers, as a non-profit community service.

Bookings: To reserve your seat please phone 0409 882 132

More about Self Realisation
Subtle System 210When awakened, the Kundalini energy rises through the subtle system and opens the Sahasrara Chakra in the limbic area. A person’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems become relaxed and balanced, producing a natural state of meditation marked by thoughtless awareness, alertness and a profound sense of peace within, which leads to the harmonious integration of the individual’s emotional, physical and mental aspects.

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Hope to see you there 🙂

Kind regards,
Sahaja Yoga Meditation WA