World Realisation Day – 5th May 2023

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Sahaja Yoga Meditation Celebrates

World Realisation Day 2023

Friday 5th May 2023

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“You must feel your depth” • Meditation & Music

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World Realisation Day 5th May 2023

Global events

Live and recorded meditation and music events from 12 locations

English Australia
Friday 5th May 2023 • 11am (Sydney time)

हिंदी (Hindi)
Friday 5th May 2023 • 4:30pm (Delhi/IST)

中文 (Chinese)
2023年5月5日星期五 • 晚上8:30(北京时间)

Italiano (Italian)
venerdì 5 maggio alle 19:00 ( ora italiana)

Ελληνικά (Greek)
Παρασκευή 5 Μαίου • 8:00 μ.μ. (ώρα Ελλάδας)

Français (French)
Vendredi 5 mai 2023 • 19h30 (heure de Paris)

Česky (Czech)
Pátek 5. května 2023 • 20 hod (místního času)

Deutsch (German)
Freitag, 5. Mai 2023 • 20:30Uhr (Berlin Zeit)

English UK
Friday 5th May 2023 • 7:45pm (London time)

عربي (Arabic)
الجمعة 5 أيار (مايو) 2023 • 8pm (بتوقيت غرينويتش)

English North America
Friday 5th May 2023 • 8:45pm (New York time)

Español (Spanish)
Viernes 5 de mayo 2023 – 8 pm (hora de Bogotá)

About Self Realisation

Each year, on the 5th May, we celebrate the opening of the Sahasrara (crown) chakra by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970. Self-realisation is the awakening of the Kundalini, a subtle mothering energy within us that connects us to the Sahasrara which is seventh chakra of our subtle being. This enables us to experience inner balance and joy through true meditation. Sahaja Yoga meditation provides this experience.

Shri Mataji was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and received the UN Peace Medal in 1989. She is the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, which is practised now in over 100 countries.

The Subtle System

The Subtle System. The Sahasrara (crown) chakra is located in position number 7 in the above drawing.

“When you get your Self-realisation, you become the Spirit. And your attention is enlightened by that Spirit. You become a witness of the whole world, like a drama. This enlightened attention is a very powerful means of spreading divine vibrations”.

“Self-realization makes us humble … replace temper with compassion … the more innocent you are, the more blissful you will be”.

Shri MatajiShri Mataji – Founder of Sahaja Yoga

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Free 21 Day Courses

Follow-up on your Self-realisation with our free online meditation sessions offered in English | Français (French) | Italiano (Italian) | Deutsch (German) | 中文 (Chinese) | عربي (Arabic) | हिंदी (Hindi) | Read more.

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  • Event includes guided Self-realisation and meditation sessions to help you attain inner peace.
  • Some sessions will have live world music to enhance the meditation experience.
  • No physical exercises, postures or special clothing are required.
  • Free follow-up classes available online and in-person on over 100 countries. Read more.
  • More about Shri Mataji’s live and legacy.

Can’t wait? Learn more and receive your Self-realisation

To receive your Self-realization, join us and let yourself be guided through the simple process of Kundalini awakening and learn how to meditate. Suitable for newcomers and regular Sahaja Yoga meditators.

Above video is the recording from the Live Stream on 5th May 2019

“You must feel your depth.”

“Firstly, you must feel your depth. If you don’t feel your depth and you are not one with your personality which is so deep, then you cannot enjoy the Self-realisation. First of all, you should understand yourself. If you don’t understand yourself, how can you understand other people? You cannot. So first this Sahasrara should be opened out fully: ‘fully’ means complete oneness with the Divine. That is not difficult. Only you have to meditate a little bit and then it will work out. It has worked out in many people. I am very happy to see, and meet such people in Sahaja Yoga who have achieved such a lot of collectivity and also the awareness of a realised-soul.”

Shri Mataji – Sahasrara Day 5th May 2002 Italy

Online meditations

Live meditation 24/7

All day and every day – Guided meditations, talks, music and more!

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2 minute by Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji will awaken your inner being so you can start doing Sahaja Yoga meditation.

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3 minute quiet meditation

Sit quietly for 3 minutes with your hands palm-up on lap. Eyes can be open or closed.

21 Day recorded meditation courses