Webcast “How meditation can help with Studying & Exams”

How meditation can help with Studying & Exams

Live Streamed on Friday 1st November 2019

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This webcast addresses some of the common concerns that students have about study and exams, such as anxiety and panic attacks before exams, poor sleep, feeling overwhelmed, peer and family pressure and negative feelings.

Our panel of teachers and students, who are practitioners of Sahaja Yoga meditation, discuss and demonstrate techniques they use to balance the left and right side of the subtle system to attain thoughtless awareness in meditation to combat negative thinking and stress that can be brought about by study and exams.

Webcast included:

  • Short introductory to Sahaja Yoga meditation, the chakras and awakening of our inner subtle energy system.
  • Guided meditations with music.
  • The importance (with a demonstration) of footsoaking and on how to cool the liver chakra to improve attention and reduce stress.
  • Discussion with teachers and students on their personal experience and how meditation has helped with study and exams.
  • Video on Shri Mataji and Her legacy as the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Shri Mataji covers the following points: the subtle system, the right side, the liver, importance of resting, using ice pack and stress

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