Welcome Kfit members!

We have free classes that are suitable for both complete beginners and regular meditators.
Meditation is done while seated on a chair, with shoes removed. No physical exercises, postures or special clothing required.
Evening and some daytime classes are available.

Over 100 free weekly classes around Australia



  • ‘In this age of commercialisation and business orientated activities, I am delighted to see such activities being done on a volunteer basis and no cost to the participants. This speaks a lot of the true intentions of the organisers, who are there to really help the community. Keep it up!’
  • ‘Excellent! Felt really really good.’
  • ‘Very refreshing, absence of hype and spin.’
  • ‘It was good to switch off my mind.’
  • ‘It felt quiet in my mind and that surprised me!’
  • ‘I came here quite stressed and I’m feeling very, very relaxed at the moment.’

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