Inspiring Education with Music and Meditation, Sunday 31st January 2021


“Music is a gateway to learning” – Gerald Wirth

Sunday 31st January 2021 10.45PM (Sydney)
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The event is presented in English with Chinese subtitles.

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Gerald Wirth, artistic director and president of the world-renowned Vienna Children’s Choir, shares his unique method and practice of teaching for educators and students. Gerald combines classical music theory, consciousness for sound, training in listening, rhythm training and singing within a holistic and meditative approach.

Gerald also trains teachers in schools with little or no access to music, and supports a number of international organisations including workshops for refugee children and adults.

To him, music is the language of emotions understood by all teachers and students, and believes through music and meditation, other subjects become accessible.

He says, “Music is a gateway to learning” and is convinced music and meditation has a positive influence on every aspect of a person’s being.

Welcome by Gerald Wirth – Presenter of “Inspiring Education with Music and Meditation”

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This event is hosted by Sahaja Yoga meditation International and “Nirmala Art Without Frontiers” who host public welfare programs organized by a group of people who love art and life. The purpose is to connect people’s hearts through art. All events are free of charge.
本次活动由澳大利亚霎哈嘉瑜伽冥想和“Nirmala无国界艺术沙龙”举办,该沙龙是由一群热爱艺术和生活的人们创立的公益组织,目的是通过艺术点亮人们的心灵。 所有活动均是免费的。

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