The 3 Channels & Mantras – New Video Series

The 3 Channels and Mantras Video Series

A 9-week video series on Facebook to introduce and deepen your knowledge of the 3 Channels of our Subtle System and the Mantras.



The Subtle System

The 3 Channels

3 Channels comprise of the Right Channel (the Future), the Left Channel (the Past), and the Central Channel (the Present).  The channels look after our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

The Channels are:

  • (A) The Right Channel: The Sun channel that represents the future and action which governs our physical, creative or mental activity.
  • (B) The Left Channel: The Moon channel that represents the past and governs our emotions.
  • (C) The Central Channel that manages our autonomous functions (heartbeat, etc). When we receive our Self Realization, the Kundalini mothering energy rises up within the central channel. It is the channel of our spiritual evolution.
The Mantras

Mantras are used to stimulate and cleanse the various Chakras and Nadis (the 3 Channels) in our subtle instrument and thus fully realise their qualities. The use of Mantras can be extremely effective during meditation, and can generate very strong vibrations throughout our subtle system. For many people, the use of Mantras is the single most effective method of gaining positive feedback of the working of the subtle system. They start to experience the vibrations in a much clearer way, and start to relate much more powerfully to the cleansing process of the Chakras and Nadis.

In Sahaja Yoga, there are no rigid rules regarding the adoption of Mantras as an aid to meditation. They are not used in a mechanical or repetitive way, they are used gently and from the heart. It is only by understanding and respecting the authority of a true Mantra that we can experience the real power of this ancient tradition.


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