21 DAYS – Meditation Workshop Sunday 15th August 2021


For freedom from thoughts

Online Meditation Workshop

Today Sunday 15th August 2021
8:45pm to 10pm (Sydney time)

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Our 21 Days of daily meditations continues!

Today, we invite to our online workshop where you will have the opportunity to interact with an experienced practitioner who will provide a tailored Clearing, Balancing and a Meditation session just for you.

Please join in – even if you missed a session.
Join with Zoom for interactive session or use YouTube.

  • Please make the most of this workshop and please allow for 90 minutes at least.
  • Session will start at 8:45pm Sydney time.
  • These workshops will be done in very small groups where you will get a chance to interact with an experienced Sahaja yoga practitioner, and based on your situation and needs, a meditation can be facilitated just for you.
  • Tools required: Bring yourself with an open mind along with a Footsoak bucket, candle and ice pack.
  • We will do Footsoak and demonstrate the candling techniques in the main session which will be also available on YouTube. The personal interactive workshop in breakout rooms are only available if you join through Zoom.