21 Days of Meditation – Sunshine Coast May 2022

21 Days of Meditation
For Freedom from Thoughts

During May 2022 on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

Free Face to Face and Online sessions available.

Everyone Welcome
Beginners • Intermediate • Advanced Sessions
No previous experience in meditation required • No special clothing or equipment needed.

Weekly Face to Face Classes

3rd May to 24th May, 2022
Every Tuesday 6pm – 7pm
Kawana Island Meeting Place
1/5 Grand Parade, Parrearra
Contact Erin on 0422 632 065.
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5th May to 26th May 2022
Every Thursday 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Nambour Community Centre
2 Shearer Street Nambour
Contact Hetty on 0438 773 705.
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Online meditation sessions & Support

Short meditations sessions available via WhatsApp when there is no face to face classes, which can be done from the comfort of your home. Hosted by Joyanne on 0400 480 857.

Join the Sunshine Coast WhatsApp group for online sessions and dedicated support during, and after the Course.


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About the Course

21 days is the amount of time it takes to establish a habit. Therefore, we are offering meditation sessions over a period of 21 days. We hope that by the end of these 21 days you will have established the habit of daily meditation.

Over the 21 days, our team will guide you daily. This will give you the chance to feel the benefits from this meditation. To facilitate this, we are offering a format of a weekly face-to-face session combined with daily online meditations via WhatsApp.

We have two face-to-face venues for you to choose from- either Parrearra or Nambour, offering 60–90-minute sessions once a week.

Week 1. In the first face-to-face session, we will have the opportunity to experience mental stillness – true meditation. For the following 6 days, short daily meditations that you can follow at home will be posted on WhatsApp.
You will be taken through various meditation techniques. We will provide you with resources so you can better understand the importance of meditation to maintain your well-being. This will reinforce your learning and deepen your meditation experience.

Weeks 2 and 3 will repeat this format of one face-to-face session and six online sessions.
For deepening your meditation experiences regularity is the key. The face-to-face sessions will provide individual attention to your questions or needs. The aim of these meditation sessions is to support you to establish a regular daily practice of meditation.

The Course presenters

Our experienced Sahaja Yoga practitioners will introduce you to our unique meditation technique and guide you through your 21 Day journey for Freedom from Thoughts in your meditations.


Hetty has a background in engineering, marketing and training. She travelled extensively worldwide for work and leisure. Since she was a teenager she was looking for a practice that would take her into a state of peace, joy, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Hetty found out that most spiritual and religions practices are run as businesses and teach just a mental and intellectual side. She learned that true meditation should always be for free and found Sahaja Yoga Meditation 7 years ago. The effects of a short daily meditation were life changing and soon she found herself sharing the experience with anyone who would listen and has never looked back.

Hetty will be presenting the face-to-face sessions at Nambour on Thursdays. You can contact Hetty for more details on 0438 773 705.



In 1984, Erin went to a Sahaja Yoga session and experienced a silent, calm mind for the first time. She has been learning, practicing and teaching Sahaja Yoga ever since with a strong desire to share the blessings of these practices with anyone who is seeking it.
Erin worked as a public servant for 40 years in a variety of roles, specializing in adult education, coaching and instructional design. With a husband and two kids and a busy life Erin credits daily meditation with keeping her sane, healthy and enjoying life.

Erin will be presenting the face-to-face sessions at Parrearra on Tuesday evenings. You can contact Erin for more details on 0422 632 065.



Joyanne has been enjoying the experience of Sahaja Yoga meditation for quite some time now.
After many years of working in the education field, Joyanne is keen to share with others the same benefits that she has found.

Joyanne will be delivering the daily at-home component of the 21 Day program. We hope you enjoy her postings on the WhatsApp group. You can contact Joyane for more details on 0400 480 857.