Sunday Collective Meditation in Sydney – 10th June, 2018

Invitation to Burwood Ashram for  Collective Meditation

Sunday 10th June, 2018

Enjoy meditation with the Sahaja Yoga collective for deeper spiritual growth.

Sahaja Yoga Australia’s National Center
10 Clarence Street Burwood
(7 minutes from Burwood Station)
(Google map)

Free • Everyone welcome, including newcomers • No booking required

Experience the benefits of meditating with a large group of Sahaja Yogis. Through individual and collective meditation, we can develop our joy and give it to others. As well as guided meditations, there will be opportunities to learn more about Sahaja Yoga, the chakras and how to deepen your meditative experience. There will also be a talk by Shri Mataji and live music.After the meeting, stay for lunch and meet regular meditators.

Collective Meditations for 2018

11am to 2pm
Sunday 10th June, 2018
Sunday 12th August, 2018
Sunday 21st October, 2018
Sunday 8th December, 2018
(Call us closer to the date to confirm dates.)

Hosted by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia Phone: 1300 724 252

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Importance of collective meditation

Quotes from HH Shri Mataji about collectivity and meditation.

“So on one side you have to achieve your Self Realisation in a way that you put yourself beyond the mind, one way, through meditation. And the second way is to give Realisations to others. And must attend collective meditation, very important. You have to be active in it.”

“And then in Sahaj Yoga, as you know, that collective growth is the only way we understand Sahaj Yoga. Somebody knows something, somebody knows something else, somebody knows something else. When we are collective, then we really understand every aspect of Sahaj Yoga.”

“But going for the collective meditation, you’ll be amazed that Divinity is flowing there. Vibrations are flowing there. I am there. It’s not that you are just going there just as a ritual.”

About Burwood Ashram

Shri Mataji has stayed at Burwood many times over the years and the centre carries Her vibrations. Sahaja Yogis meet regularly there to meditate together which nourishes our Self Realisation and spiritual growth.

What is Self Realisation?

Self-Realisation is the awakening of our Kundalini mothering energy which is the key to thoughtless awareness during meditation, also known as mental silence. The flow of a gently cool breeze on the top of the head, or hands, indicates the Kundalini has been awakened in an individual. Collective and individual meditations further establish our Self Realisation to improve emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Getting to our Burwood Centre

  • By train and bus: Burwood Station is located 7 minute walk from our Centre.
  • By car: Off-street parking available in Clarence St and surrounding streets.
  • Google map
  • Enquiries: Call 0425 324 265

Online Resources

Free resources available to further develop your knowledge of meditation and to deepen your meditation experience, includes: printed guides; meditative music; video and audio meditations; podcasts; balancing techniques; talks by Shri Mataji.