Online & In-person classes

Online & In-person Classes

Sahaja Yoga meditation offers free online Daily sessions, Courses and In-person Classes • All are suitable for both complete beginners and regular meditators. • No prior knowledge or experience of meditation required • Join at anytime, even if you miss a session.
All Online and In-person classes are Always Free.

Online classes

  • Sessions streamed on Zoom, YouTube and Facebook.
  • Recordings available to suit your time zone and schedule.
  • Interactive sessions available on Zoom.
  • Join with computer, tablet or mobile device.

Online sessions

In-person classes

  • Group sessions held in a public venue.
  • No physical exercises, postures or special clothing are required. Chairs are provided.
  • No booking required.


Within Australia

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Online meditations

Live meditation 24/7

All day and every day – Guided meditations, talks, music and more!

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2 minute by Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji will awaken your inner being so you start doing Sahaja Yoga meditation.

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3 minute quiet meditation

Sit quietly for 3 minutes with your hands palm-up on lap. Eyes can be open or closed.

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